240 Industrial Park Lane

The spark happens here: inside our world-class manufacturing facility, located in Decatur, Tennessee, just miles from the Tennessee River Valley. Named after Colonel Return Jonathan Meigs, Decatur was founded in 1835, and is known across Tennessee for being the sole county of ninety-five that never possessed a railroad. Today, we are thrilled to have called Decatur our home for more than twenty years. Even though you won’t hear the horn of a locomotive in our town, we’re very proud to ship more than one million electrical power connectors each month to every continent around globe.

The employees of Team Storm are true craftsmen, experts and professionals whose skills, hard work and dedication to the relentless pursuit of customer delight make the most reliable power component parts around. From our expert Six Sigma Green and Black Belts, certified professional project managers (PMP’s), engineers, and certified CNC machinists, veterans and degreed business professionals. They are the essential ingredient in our recipe for success.

Beyond producing work-horse industrial power components, Storm is an active participant in the copper industry and local community with memberships in the Copper & Brass Service Center Association, Power Manufacturers’ Association of America organizations and Meigs County Chamber of Commerce.

Storm Power Components - Main Fabrication Plant, Decatur, TN

Facts About Our Plant

Our ISO 9001-2008 certified contract manufacturing facility offers 107,000 square feet of core metalworking capabilities, all based on CNC technology.

  • More than one million power components move off the production line and out our three shipping bays each month
  • Over 1,000 orders ship from our plant every week to destinations on every continent around the globe. You’ll find our electrical copper connectors in remote parts of the world and even within the infrastructure systems of heavy power consumption countries such as India and China.
  • Four-thousand gallons of electroplating capacity in-house
  • Monthly more than 600 prototype and first article components are manufactured in our Fabrication Center.
  • More than 10% of our current workforce has honorably served in the military. We have single, dual and even one triple war veteran on staff
  • A 2,000 square feet dust-free ‘clean’ room which is dedicated to our Insulation and Coatings Center

We have the top-of-the-line equipment—including shears, presses, press brakes, water jets, and punching machines—made by the best brands to ensure excellence and consistency, every step of the way.  Moreover, because we know that superior quality control is an essential ingredient to the finished products, the skillful eyes of each member of our quality team ensure that our components pass PPAP inspection the first time.

And you’ll find it all at the same address, under one roof.

Our Pledge

Our brand mark originates from the marine flag system. When weather events present potentially rough waters to navigate, the storm flag is raised, signaling nautical engineers to prepare. It was chosen as a reminder that our customers constantly traverse challenging market waters. Speed, reliability, and superior quality components are critical to their success.  Today, the symbol is a badge of honor, worn on the right arm of our uniformed plant employees. It represents our abiding commitment and symbolic pledge to help customers make it through the market safely.

This is Responsive Manufacturing.