Manufacturing Know-How At A Low Cost— Under One Roof

Want a streamlined sourcing model that’s so efficient you can kiss long lead times, high fuel costs and stressful logistics goodbye? In plain English: We do it all, under one roof.

Copper and Aluminum Sourcing

Want to keep your costs down? We do, too. We’re not a mill, but as one of the largest electrical components manufacturers in North America, we can buy and hold more than 7 million pounds of copper and aluminum every year—and keep the high overhead costs associated with holding inventory out of your budget.

Copper and Aluminum Finishing

Your business moves fast, and you need partners that do, too. Most fabricators don’t have in-house plating and insulating like we do—and it reduces transport, waste, pollution, and time. We don’t finish 75 different types of metal—we finish COPPER and ALUMINUM, and do it right.

On-Call Fabrication

Need high-volume repeat orders? Or maybe, shorter, small-quantity runs, or prototypes? Precision machining means we can easily manufacture a single prototype part or the mass-produced parts you need. We do it all, and we specialize in flexibility and responsiveness.

Helping make our customers successful is our business. And we make sure our customers succeed through our old-fashioned work ethic, and our commitment to on time delivery and superior quality. Even in our earliest days, delivering customer satisfaction was our most important goal, and we’re pleased to still be doing that today.