Imported from Tennessee

From our skilled hands and hard-working hearts right here in Decatur, Tennessee, come custom copper components that are relied upon by big industries around the world.

Founded in 1990 as Signal Tek, a cable assembly manufacturer based in an abandoned feed and seed store with a leaky roof, Storm Power Components has grown to be an industry leader. Today from our headquarters in Decatur, Tennessee, we serve customers in more than 10 international markets, fabricating custom copper components that are in use worldwide.

From a leaky roof to a global industry leader

In 1990, our founders had a big dream. With $10,000 in savings and a lease on an abandoned feed and seed store with a leaky roof, they set up shop in Dunlap, Tennessee, calling their company Signal Tek. Their first products were assemblies for UL battery cables.

They realized by 1991 that they needed to find a bigger (and drier!) facility, because the company was busting at the seams of the feed store. The company had a big order to deliver at the end of March, and with just 30 days to spare, they moved into a 20,000 sq. ft. building in Decatur, Tennessee, and the newly-renamed Storm Manufacturing was born.

They invested in machinery to eliminate the need for manual cable stripping, and expanded the offering in 1995 to include copper busbar. As the copper fabrication business grew by leaps and bounds, they engineered the re-branding of the company on the back of a Hardees paper napkin, officially altering the business focus from cable assemblies to custom copper component fabrication and changing the name to Storm Copper Components.

The 16-Hour Drive

In the early days, the work was hard, but the results were big. With long hours and every hand on deck, customers came to know that Storm Copper Components parts were always made right, reliable, and on-time.

Our founders never wanted to let a customer down (and still don’t). Once in the early days, they got an order from a customer who needed a custom part, lickety-split. Without much direction (or a print!), they went to work. In short order, the parts were made and ready, but timing was tight.

They usually delivered parts in Storm’s white van, but because the van was packed so fully and carefully with heavy copper components, they worried that the weight of the van would slow them down. They ended up jumping into one of the family station wagons and driving that one part all the way from Decatur to Dallas themselves—a 16-hour drive!

When our team met with leaders from that same company some 15 years later, “the drive” was something they still remembered! Driving all night, doing whatever it took, was (and still is) a way of life at Storm.

Storm Today

After more than 25 years in business, Storm (now Storm Power Components) continues to be relied upon by customers ranging from independent electrical professional and electrical contractors, facility managers and electrical distributors, to some of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturing brands. We’re proud as punch to be the leader in Tennessee’s Meigs and McMinn county communities, and to be giving back to our community through educational programs, scholarships, and professional internships.

We fabricate top-quality custom copper, aluminum and laminated components, from designs that are real “head-scratchers”, to core parts that make up the heart and soul of any hard-working assembly line. Our expert staff really understands copper. Because it’s softer than steel, it needs a little extra attention in the fabrication process, and that’s where we shine.

We take all the heavy lifting off your shoulders and put it onto ours. We’ve got the equipment, quality control procedures, and expertise that nobody else has. When we put these elements together with our processes and approach the result is Storm’s ability to deliver speed, accuracy, price advantage, shortened distribution channels, and unsurpassed customer service.

When you work with Team Storm, it’s easy to meet market demand, ensure facility uptime, and keep your job sites running on schedule. And we’re in America, right here in Tennessee, building the parts you need, whenever you need them.

This is Responsive Manufacturing.