The Markets We Serve

Big industries trust Storm’s custom copper electrical components to deliver reliable products and applications that power the world.

Alternative & Renewable Energy

Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that by the year 2030, renewable power sources will make up 50% of all installed power generation. This means that today, companies that specialize in solar energy, hybrid and electric vehicles, wind turbines, and other clean energy products and services are gearing up for a growth surge. They look to Storm for the high-volume, industrial-grade power components that will help them stay at the forefront of the new energy frontier.


The construction industry plays a huge part in the overall health of any country’s economy. Developing infrastructure critical for transportation and commerce, homes, office, and warehouse space is what keeps a nation in business. At Storm, our components keep construction projects, large and small, happening in countries all over the world.


Government entities—and in particular the departments dealing with defense and national security—are some of the largest global energy consumers, spending billions on electricity and other types of fuel in a single decade. From powering military bases, to supporting strategic initiatives on foreign soil, U.S. Government agencies and their suppliers depend on Responsive Manufacturing from Storm to help support their strategic objectives.

Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment

The heavy equipment industry was significantly impacted by the economic downturn of recent years, with demand for global construction diminishing dramatically after 2008. However the news is not all bad. Industry analysts at The Freedonia Group have forecasted, with the economic recovery in process, demand for heavy construction equipment and machinery will grow steadily to reach a value of $170 billion. Storm’s component parts are critical in driving the current that courses through the engines and generators that power heavy equipment worldwide.


When evaluating the overall health of an economy, manufacturing is always one of the first sectors examined as a bellwether for economic development. As an electrical components manufacturer ourselves, we are in a unique position to understand the rich opportunities before the industry. Particularly, as more and more consumers demand products made on their home soil. We are proud that so many manufacturers choose Storm to fabricate the custom components for their proudly made-in-America products.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry touches many disciplines worldwide, from farming (pesticides and fertilizers), transportation (gasoline and fuel oil), to heavy equipment (hoisting and earth-moving equipment), and manufacturing (plastics). The construction of wells, refineries, and plants are currently on the ascent, giving this industry a bright outlook in the coming decade. Our commitment to delivering quality products has made Storm a long-time trusted supplier for the oil and gas industry.

Power Generation

Power generation facilities create electricity from other forms of raw energy, including solar, wind, nuclear, and fossil fuels. According to Hoovers, the 50 largest power generation companies in the country account for approximately 85 percent of the industry’s revenue. However with recent and ongoing regulatory changes, there are now opportunities for smaller, niche providers focusing on green/clean energy production. Both traditional and emerging greentech power generation companies turn to Storm for the highest quality copper and aluminum electrical components and most reliable parts in the industry.

Power Storage and Conditioning

Energy Storage Systems, or power grids, as they are more commonly known, are used to store high volumes of electrical energy that exceed consumption levels so that it may be accessed as a back-up when production does not meet demand. Storm supplies this industry with the electrical components that help defend against catastrophic battery or equipment failures.

Telecommunications & Wireless

Wireless communications - from telecommunication to Wi-Fi - has experienced explosive growth over the past decade, encompassing core services with sweeping importance like the Internet, voice and data, and vital emerging services. This growth not only demands increased bandwidth, but ongoing infrastructure. To support OEM's and communications concerns, Storm Power provides custom electrical components to meet complex technical demands. Today, more and more organizations look to Storm to supply electrical distribution copper and aluminum busbar and telecom chandeliers that keep their data centers up and running.


Worldwide, but especially in the U.S., transportation is a major player in national revenue. It currently represents more than 10 percent of this country’s gross domestic product (GDP), and industry leaders are working diligently to ensure that the U.S. transportation infrastructure is able to scale and update to meet these rigorous demands. Storm supports this massive infrastructure upgrade by supplying rolling stock manufacturers with key electrical components for locomotives, mass-transit, and railway controls upgrades.

Wholesale Trade

Wholesale trade distributes goods for resale across many major industries, ranging from mining, electronics, agriculture, to publishing, drugs, groceries, and manufacturing. Storm supplies power components to support the systems and controls underlying this trade, as well as directly supplying electrical wholesalers and contract assemblers with the components their customers need “off the shelf”.