Busbar Current Sensing Kit (EVM)

For Isolated / Loss-less Current Measurment ±100 Amps

Texas Instruments and Storm Power Components have a common interest. Our companies understand the importance of maximizing energy efficiency to the most minute level. How current capacity is linked to a temperature rise over the ambient range.

This is why TI invented a new current sensor by combining a computer chip to a Storm Power Busbar Kit. The chip reads a busbar's magnetic field to get an accurate current reading. The idea behind this bus bar chip assembly is to let engineers experiment with the usage and possible applications of this chip.

This evaluation process in turn spurs engineers to be able to control energy use with other benefits:

1. The EVM (evaluation module) eliminates the need for a more expensive shunt and the resulting voltage drop

2. The chip assembly could also be used to monitor and determine the onset of equipment failure

3. Over time an engineer will be able to amass data to be used for any number of improvement in energy use


Call Storm today to to arrange a demonstration of this innovative busbar current sensing kit.

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Description and Target Application for the ±100 Amp Busbar Current Seinsing Kit


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