Bus Bars - Electrical Power Connectors

Custom Bus Bar

Storm Power custom manufactures bus bars for high-conductivity electrical power applications. Our bus bar is engineered to carry electrical power within cabinets and in external distribution assemblies.  Due to the excellent conductivity of copper and aluminum, Storm's custom copper and aluminum bus bars are specified whenever an efficent and cost effective power connector is required.  

The superior Ampacity of Electrical Bus Bars help achieve better thermal control in enclosed applications. Aluminum and Copper Bus Bar also improves the reliability of a power or electrical grounding connection by eliminating the need for a mechanical cable lug crimp.

Choose Storm fabricated bus bar to

  • Decrease system costs
  • Eliminate wiring errors
  • Improve reliability and thermal characteristics
  • Lower inductance and impedance
  • Increase interconnection method options
  • Reduce capacitance

Count on the Leaders in Electrical Bus Bar Manufacturing

With Storm's ability to meet lead times you’ll be able to meet rigorous time-to-market demands.

Leveraging the talent of our expert sourcing team, you’ll be able to check off the material availability question on your to-do list. With more than a million pounds of copper in over 450 varieties of copper sheet, copper bus bar, and copper plate (in both metric and standard sizes) in stock, you’ll have a jump on production. The raw material you need for aluminum bus bar is also stocked in our warehouse just feet from our fabrication center.

With copper and aluminum availability taken care of, you’ll be able to focus on other pressing needs. We have the ability to provide corrosion protection on our bus bars with electroplating. Dielectric insulated bus bar (powder coating), and assembly and kitting services are also available.

Imagine the benefits of a specialized power bus bar fabrication center that does it all - right at your fingertips - Under One Roof.