Electrical Busbar Connectors

Electrical busbar fabrication remains the core capabilty at Storm Power Components.

Whether it's copper or aluminum connectors, Storm has the experience to manufacture busbar using modern machinery to meet engineering demands at all levels.

WIth Storm as their key partner, OEM customers are able to benefit from CNC fabrication, laser fabrication, copper sourcing, plating, kitting, and much more.

And by consolidating all aspects of manufacturing Under One Roof, Storm cuts lead time and outsourcing costs.

Our capabilities cover numerous applications, including:

Insulated Bus Bar >>

Eriflex - Flexible Insulated Busbar

Flexible Insulated Bus Bar >>

Laminated Busbar

Laminated Bus Bar >>

Low Voltage Bus Bar >>

Ground Bars and Ground Bar Kits

Ground Bars & Ground Bar Kits >>

Copper Busbar for Battery Connectors

Battery Bus Bar & Straps >>

Aluminum Bus Bar

Aluminum Bus Bar >>

Copper vs. Aluminum Comparison Chart

Copper or Aluminum >>

Braided Copper - Flexible Electrical Connectors

Flexible Copper Connectors >>

Storm's Expert Engineering and Design Support staff can also assist you in the fabrication of other custom busbar options such as Inverter Bus Bar, IGBT Bus Bar, Power Distribution Bus Bar, PCB Busbar, Backplane Bus Bar, Circuit Breaker Bus Bar, and Multilayer Bus Bar.


Ampacity Calculators for Electrical Busbar Connectors

Ampacities of Copper Alloy C11000 Busbars >>

Quick Copper Busbar Design Selector >>

Effects of Emissivity and Number of Copper Busses on Ampacity >>

Ampacity Comparison Chart - Copper / Aluminum >>


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