From Busbar Design to Manufacturing, Storm Employs Value Engineering to Build It Right

From end-to-end product development, to audits of existing copper bus bar designs, Storm Power Components can help lower costs and improve product performance. Through our value engineering methods we employ a systematic process designed to improve the ratio of function to cost. Value is then increased by 1. improving the function or 2. reducing the cost.

Busbar and Electrical Components - You Design 

As seasoned fabricators of quality custom busbar, Storm manufactures OEM's designs to precise specifications. We can also serve as day-to-day liaison between your design team and the Storm manufacturing group, so that you can focus on strategic projects. Remember, Storm engineers have built bus systems for high-current draw applications for manufacturing, mining and transportation equipment, and have even turned out flexible bus systems to connect nuclear power plant equipment.

Busbar and Electrical Connectors - Help With Your Design

On the other side of the coin, value engineering can also help optimize your bus bar designs for manufacturing. And if your design and engineering team has a full plate, or is focused on other aspects of your product, using Storm's engineering services will give you critical input and design flexibility clear through the fabrication of electrical components.

Link Your Busbar Design to a Storm Value Engineering Method

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