External Provider Terms and Conditions

1. Storm Power Components (Storm) reserves the right to determine method of communication with External Providers ( Suppliers of Product or Services ) including but not limited to:
1.1. Frequency of communication including notification process for delays or other issues.
1.2. Mode of communication used based on need to include but not limited to: email, fax, web-based tools, or telephone
1.3. The right to record or otherwise document confirmation of all verbal interactions.
2. Storm reserves the right to approve or specify any special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics. 
2.1. External Provider must provide deviations prior to accepting Supply Request in communication manner given.
3. Storm reserves the right of final approval of methods, processes, and equipment used to provide products and/or services stated in Supply Request. 
3.1. External Providers may offer alternatives but may not implement on Supply Requests until approved by Storm. Unless otherwise agreed upon, External Provider is responsible for all costs associated with the development of alternates stated above.
3.2. External Provider assures that processes performed to meet Supply Request be done by qualified personnel who possess proper certification as required and that proper records can be supplied on request to verify.
3.3. External Providers agrees to perform verification or validation of any activities performed to meet Supply Request either by Storm or its Customer as designated by Storm and to allow Storm or its customer access to audit or perform such tasks themselves at External Provider’s premises.
4. Storm requires that the External Provider shall be responsible to maintain the proper identification and revision status, specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data for any External Provider Request. 
5. Storm reserves final right of approval for any designs, tests, inspection plans, and verifications, criteria for design and development, and verification (including production process verification) required from a Supplier. 
5.1. External Provider’s may suggest alternates but may not implement without approval by Storm.
5.2. Storm reserves the right to approve or specify the use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by our organization.
6. All Supply Requests delivered to Storm Power Components will be inspected.
6.1. Upon inspection, any crates, boxes or other shipping containers containing for Foreign Object Debris and/or Damage (FOD) will be refused and Supplier will be responsible for associated costs.
6.2. Upon inspection, if the components have any part damage or contain any unapproved deviation of material or process, Storm will place the components on Quality Hold. Supplier will be given options to repair or have the components returned as determined by Storm and at External Provider’s expense. 
6.3. If the Supply Request is rejected during inspection, Storm will not accept External Provider’s invoice until Supply Request is repaired or replaced.
7. External Provider agrees to meet the following requirements unless specifically waived by Storm:
7.1. Implement a Quality Management System that upon Storm’s review will meet stated requirements.
7.2. When applicable, use customer-designated or approved OEM suppliers, including process sources (e.g., special processes).
7.3. Do not use product or services from foreign countries designated by the United States.
7.4. Notify Storm of nonconforming product or services upon discovery and obtain Storm’s approval for nonconforming product disposition.
7.5. Be ready to show evidence of procedures to prevent use of counterfeit parts.
7.6. Notify Storm of changes in product and/or process, suppliers, and manufacturing facility locations and receival approval prior to changes effecting Supply Request. 
7.7. Upon request, provide test specimens for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation, or auditing as well as provide specific documentation for test specimens.
7.8. Retain all records associated with the Supply Request for a minimum of 10 years or as required by contract. Storm requires the disposition of such documents to be controlled in accordance with the requirements of applicable QMS’s.
7.9. Flow down to External Provider’s supply chain any applicable requirements from Storm or its customer.
8. Storm reserves the right to monitor External Provider’s performance including:
8.1. Risk Assessment
8.2. Quality of product or service delivered
8.3. On time delivery of product or service
8.4. External Provider’s adherence to Terms and Conditions
9. Storm reserves the right of access to all facilities and applicable records by Storm’s representatives, customers, and/or regulatory authority at all levels of the supply chain involved in fulfilling Supply Request. 
10. Storm reserves the right to request evidence of External Provider’s ensuring that their personnel are aware of:
10.1. Their contribution to product or service conformity
10.2. Their contribution to product safety
10.3. The importance of ethical behavior
10.4. Counterfeit Parts prevention
10.5. The control of Foreign Object Detection, Damage and Debris (FOD)
10.6. The Preservation of Product (All materials used to produce the products must be used within the original manufacturers shelf life)