World-class copper fabrication is our specialty

Since the early 1990’s we have been squarely focused on doing what we do best - copper sourcing, copper fabrication and copper finishing. Over the years, we’ve learned that while our reputation for making the most reliable parts is the reason new customers try our products and services, it’s the value of responsive manufacturing that keeps them coming back again and again. Today, that value has earned the repeated trust of some of the world’s most respected brands.  

The Storm Solution | Our Portfolio of Capabilities

Our professional suite of manufacturing services helps customers kick-start designs with real manufacturability, puts a screeching halt to inefficient logistics models, and unveils smart sourcing practices to streamline their operations.

We take all the heavy lifting off your shoulders and put it onto ours. We’ve got the equipment, quality control procedures, and expertise. When we put these elements together with our processes and commitment to excellent service, the result is Storm’s ability to deliver speed, accuracy, shortened distribution channels, and unsurpassed customer service.

  • Off-the-shelf Electrical Components:  Because the product is in stock every day, we deliver the exact part you need, right when you need it. That’s why it’s easy to win the next project bid, ensure facility uptime, and keep your job sites running on schedule when you work with the Storm ProStore Team. Shop Our Stock Today!

We’ve got the right people, processes, and equipment—all under one roof

Why should you outsource electrical components manufacturing to our world-class manufacturing plant in Southeast Tennessee?  We’ll give you four good reasons.

  • You’ll have a team of real specialists on your side. Copper’s not our sideline, it’s our business, and simply put, nobody does it better.
  • You’ll benefit from Responsive Manufacturing. From day one, we built this company on a foundation of responsiveness. It’s the lifeblood of our company, and our way of life.  Faster quotes and shorter lead times mean your facility gets back on-line fast in an emergency, and our short lead times keep your inventory levels as low as possible.
  • You’ll get the hardest-working professionals in the copper business. No matter the pace of technology, nothing beats a "good, old fashion, work-ethic." We’ve built a culture of excellence and take great pride in crafting only the best and most reliable components. Our hardworking and dedicated Craftsmen and women produce components that aren’t only the best choice, they are the greatest value.
  • You’re going to smile. For some, customer satisfaction is a dying art; at Storm, its true religion.

We invite you to experience the value of Responsive Manufacturing today!