Laminated Multilayer Bus Bar Design

Designers and engineers should think of laminated bus bar as a tool that can open new options in conductor design. As modern devices demand ultra-efficiency in everything from Inverters, Converters, and IGBTs, laminated bus bar provides a compact low induction method of limiting failure points and improving reliability.
When properly designed, laminated bus bar assemblies improve the circuit performance and reliability of electrical systems, while driving down overall system costs.

Laminated Bus Bar in Mulii-layer Assembly

OEMs across a range of industries, from telecommunications, data processing, and industrial control, to alternative power, military, and aerospace count on Storm Engineers and Technicians to assist in the design and copper fabrication of:

  • Custom power distribution assemblies
  • Multi-layer busbar assemblies
  • AC or DC power distribution
  • Capacitor and Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) structures
  • Breaker distribution

Whether you’re replacing cables, or reducing power of layers on a PCB, rely on Storm to engineer and manufacture the best power distribution solution.  


Manufacturing the Best Laminated Bus Bar

The assembly stage of the laminated busbar structure is critical. The quality of the custom copper and aluminum components that make up the power distribution assembly have a direct impact on the performance of the final laminated busbar structure. Value Engineering employed by Storm is the ability to put forth a method that enables better control over every stage of electrical component production. This is central to the manufacturing of a superior power distribution structure, and that’s where Storm Power Components shines. From start to finish, we control every facet of the manufacturing of each component that makes up a power assembly.

Storm has just the right equipment and engineering talent to create the optimal structure and necessary sub-assembly for your laminated multilayer bus bars.  Because we do, you can be rest assured that the component is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Made in America, under one roof, the Storm Power Components Insulations & Coating Work Center features:

  • A wide variety of dielectric material in-stock: Mylar, Nomex, Kapton, Epoxy Glass FR4 Board, and other UL© rated materials
  • Versatile equipment: We’ve got the right balance of machinery for both prototype parts and large-volume production
  • Product documentation support: Our team will help produce the custom product bulletin you’ll need, complete with the materials certification required

To learn more about the process, download  a Laminated Busbar Process Guide.

A Single-Source, Total Solution

Efficient power distribution is the main goal when creating a laminated copper busbar assembly. But, have you considered the efficiency benefits that your production process could experience? What value could your production process realize by partnering with a component manufacturer that can provide a single-source total solution?

Imagine The Storm Way:

  • Confidence that the material is available. Because we carry more than 450 different sizes of copper sheet, copper plate, and copper bar, the raw copper material your assembly will need is in-stock, and ready for fabrication.
  • Shorter lead times. Every step of the process is completed on premises in our power components manufacturing facility. From copper fabrication and electroplating, to lamination and quality inspection, it’s all done Under One Roof.
  • Top-notch quality you can bank on. Our quality team routinely performs dimension verification and electrical tests. Your new laminated assembly will always pass conformance inspection.
  • The power of ONE. When you work with us, you’ll smile, and so will your purchasing team. They will benefit from a streamlined purchasing experience using a single-source supplier for virtually all of your power distribution needs. One purchase order, one invoice, one supplier = One and Done.