.25" x .62" x 36" Equipment Rack Vertical Busbar

Part # SCGB-R62-36

$38.26 Each

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.25" x .62" x 36" Equipment Rack Vertical Busbar

Part # SCGB-R62-36

This thin vertical rack mount copper ground bar with high conductivity is optimal for telecommunications systems.  Ideal for the layout of a vertical grounding continuity path in between equipment along the rack or cabinet face. Multiple tapped holes and slot holes for numerous and various grounding accessories and applications. PEM studs included for thin metal assembly, most suitable for continuing the vertical ground path with multiple rack mount bus bars.

Design Tip

This equipment rack mount ground bas bar is very thin compared to other grounding bars, using a small amount of space. Recommended for indoor commercial use where grounding might be needed in between equipment or other design obstacles. Consider the horizontal design for a grounding path above or below electrical equipment.

Size: .25" x .62" x 36"

Weight: 1.8lb

Length: 36"

Width: 0.62"

Height: 0.25"

Thinner .25" x .62" x 36" Copper Ground Bar with (16) 1/4-20 Tap Holes, (3) 1/4" x 1/2" Slot Holes, (2) FHS-0518-12 Pem Studs.