.25 x 6" x 12" Tower Grounding Bar Kit

Part # SCGBC-250612-0-KT

$86.94 Each

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.25 x 6" x 12" Tower Grounding Bar Kit

Part # SCGBC-250612-0-KT

This solid copper ground bar with high conductivity is the primary choice for grounding towers and antennas.  Multiple equally spaced holes and slotted holes for numerous and various grounding accessories. This ground bar’s high ampacity allows for multiple ground connections from the electrical system or applicable to surge protection system.  The standoff insulators are made from fiberglass-reinforced thermo-set polyester with higher moisture, heat tolerance, and mechanical strength to enable electrical installers to crank up closer height tolerances, making more suitable for ground bar and perimeter grounding applications. This all in one kit saves installation time and money. 

Design Tip

It is highly recommended to tin plate the ground bar for outdoor or other harsh environments, as tin electro-plating reduces the chance of corrosion interfering with the ground contact connection. Tin plating also disguises the copper color, serving as a secondary theft deterrent, while making the copper unusable for illegal recycling.

Consider how many connections need to be grounded; longer lengths have more holes for more connections and higher ampacity ratings.

Size: 2500612

Weight: 7.4lb

Length: 12"

Width: 6"

Height: 0.25"

Thickness: .25"

Pattern Type: DD2500612

Kit Includes:

(1) Copper Ground Bar (SCGBC-250612-0)

(2) UL Recognized Polyester Standoff Insulators (5263-A8)

(2) Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets (SCBKT-2)

(4) 5/8" Zinc Plated Bolts (5/8 Bolt)

(4) 5/8" Zinc Plated Lock Washers (5/8 Washer)