36" Lexan Cover Kit - 5/8" Hardware

Part # COVER-625-36


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36" Lexan Cover Kit - 5/8" Hardware

Part # COVER-625-36

Safety is the number one requirement. This polycarbonate cover kit includes UL Rated standoff insulators and stainless steel all thread studs to mount to the top of the ground bars. Essentially an insulation shield, it protects any equipment from accidental contact with live voltage and also individuals working in the area. Also, any chance of arcing is also eliminated due to the cover kits installed.

Design Tip

Cover kit is ideal for high voltage situations where high voltage equipment is in use. Consider how many connections need to be grounded; larger lengths and widths have more holes for more connections and higher ampacity ratings.

Size: 625-125400036

Weight: 1.36lb

Length: 36"

Width: 4"

Thickness: 0.125