Part # R4150-A4 MB5500


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Part # R4150-A4 MB5500

This standoff is used to create an insulating air gap between bus bar and surrounding material, for example, an enclosure gear tray. Manufactured from high grade, glass reinforced polyester which has very high mechanical strength and resistance to shattering, these insulators are especially good at preventing 'tracking' of current even in high temperatures and humidities. They are fitted with aluminum threaded inserts, making installation quick and easy and hold UL certification number E84767.

Installation Tips

If mounting the standoff on a gear tray, use a shakeproof washer in-between the fixing screw or bolt and the underside of the panel. This will ensure that if the standoff ever works loose you will be able to tighten it up without having to first remove the gear tray.

Caution! Do not install the washer between the insulator and the gear tray. Doing so will reduce the mechanical strength of the assembly.

Ceramic/UV/Standoff?: Standoff

Insert Type: Aluminum

Weight: 0.21lb

Width: 1"

Height: 1"

Diameter: 1.75"

Shape: Round

Material: Polyester

Voltage: Indoor voltage 1500 V

Internal Thread (Insert Side): 3/8"-16 x 3/8"

Brand: Mar-Bal

UL Certification: E84767

  • High glass content polyester.
  • Cream color.
  • Flame and shatter resistant.
  • With a UL RTI rating of 160ºC - 170ºC, the 5500 series insulator provides a superior heat resistant material for your application.