Busbar Mounting Kit for 3/8" Holes with Insulator

Part # GB-MK-2-4

$14.23 Kit

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Busbar Mounting Kit for 3/8" Holes with Insulator

Part # GB-MK-2-4

Storm Power's Ground Bar Mounting Kits eliminate guesswork by matching the correct standoff insulators and mounting hardware to the ampacity load of the grounding bar.


Storm Powwer Mounting Kit

Storm's Ground Bar Mounting Kit includes:

1 Polyester Standoff Insulator (4200-S5) (A)

1 Stainless Mounting Bracket (SCBKT-1) (B)

2 3/8" Stainless Hex Bolts and Spring-Lock Washers (HHC3/8-16X5/8-SS & 3/8 Lock) (C)


Standoff Insulators: The insulator model 4200-S5 creates an insulating air gap between the busbar and surrounding material. Manufactured from high grade, glass reinforced polyester which has very high mechanical strength and resistance to shattering, the insulator is especially good at preventing 'tracking' of current even in high temperatures and humidities. It is fitted with steel thread inserts, making installation quick and easy.




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Ceramic/UV/Standoff?: Standoff

Insert Type: Steel

Weight: 0.53lb

Diameter: 2"

Shape: Octagon

Material: Polyester insulator

Internal Thread (Insert Side): 3/8"-16 x 9/16"

Part Type: Type 4 Standoff Insulator Kit

Brand: Sold by Storm Power Components

UL Certification: UL Subject 94 - Flame Resistance