0.02 X 0.375 Inch Flat Braid

Part # STR-48636T-100

$112.37 Each

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0.02 X 0.375 Inch Flat Braid

Part # STR-48636T-100

Tin plated copper braid woven from soft annealed tin plated copper wire. Wires are tightly woven on a bobbin matched to the gauge and braid thickness, and then rolled flat. Finished braids meet the compliance standards of AA59569 (formerly QQB575) and ASTM B33 specifications. The plating is also tested at the factory for thickness consistency.

Design Tip

Extremely flexible, flat copper braid is typically used as a flexible and durable ground strap, also useful for battery grounding, as earth bonds or grounds and as integrated copper connectors where vibration occurs in electrical equipment.

Weight: 3lb

Length: 100"

Width: 0.02"

Height: 0.375"

Shape: Rectangle

Material: Copper

Plating: Tin

Cross section (mm2): 3.64829385

Manufactured to AA59569 and ASTM B33 specifications.