32x1x3mm MaxiFlex Flexible Busbar

Part # MAXI-32X1X3


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32x1x3mm MaxiFlex Flexible Busbar

Part # MAXI-32X1X3

Flexible busbar composed of multiple thin layers of copper, covered in self-extinguishing PVC insulation.


MaxiFlex is an excellent alternative to rigid busbar systems. Composed of multi-layer strips of copper, covered by heavy duty PVC insulation, these individual strips are free to slide over each other, giving the overall bar the ability to flex and twist into the required shape. Also, unlike conventional busbars, MaxiFlex Flexible Busbars can be punched or drilled after bending, making alignment much easier and much more intuitive.


Electrical Characteristics:
Dielectric rigidity of 20 kV / mm, Voltage rated at 1000 VAC / 1500 VDC


Operating temperature range:
-40° C- 105° C

Design Tip

Tin Plating available for special order

Size: A032001003

Weight: 4.22lb

Length: 78.74"

Width: 1.2598"

Height: 0.0393"

Thickness: .0393"

Material: Copper

Cross section (mm2): 96

Current capacity at 20ºC: 296

Number of Layers: 3

Dimensions (mm): 32x1x3