4" x 20" Tin-Plated Copper Ground Bar Kit with 68 Holes

Part # SCGB-9-T-KT


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4" x 20" Tin-Plated Copper Ground Bar Kit with 68 Holes

Part # SCGB-9-T-KT

Storm Power's Ground Bar Kits enable multiple ground points to be connected quickly and easily. With 68 pre-drilled holes, this .25" x 4" x 20" Ground Bar Kit meets or exceeds NEC grounding requirements.

Designed and manufactured by Storm Power Components' Tennessee fabrication center, the kit's solid copper ground (or bus bar) is the industry standard for equipment and tower grounding.

Each computer-machined ground bar is finished by hand and individually inspected before the "stamp" of approval is given. The Storm process not only ensures that UL and other certifications are met, it offers peace of mind to engineers and electricians that they have installed the safest grounding possible.

Tin, nickel plating and silver flashing are also available, as well as non-kitted copper ground bars or mounting kits sold separately.


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The 4" x 20" Ground Bar has pre-drilled mounting holes that fit the mounting kit as shown below: 

Storm Power's Ground Bar Mounting Kit

Size: 2500420A

Weight: 8lb

Length: 20"

Width: 4"

Height: 0.25"

Thickness: .25"

Edge: Square Edge - Deburred

Shape: Rectangle

Material: Copper Sheet/Plate C110 H02 (Hard) Temper

Plating: Tin Electroplated - Full Immersion

Part Type: Grounding bus bar

Brand: Storm Power Components

UL Certification: UL GROUNDING and BONDING EQUIPMENT - USA KDER.E326023; ISO 9001-2008

Pattern Type: WW2500420

Kit Includes: (1) Tin Plated Copper bar (SCGB-9-T) (2) UL Recognized Polyester Standoff Insulators (4200-S5) (2) Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets (SCBKT-1) (4) 3/8" Stainless Steel Bolts (HHC3/8-16X5/8-SS) (4) 3/8" Stainless Steel Lock Washers (3/8 LOCK)