Glastic Electrical Standoff Insulators

Standoff Insulators Mounted on Bus Bar Kit


Storm Power's Most Poular Reinforced-Polyester Busbar Insulators

Molded for high-strength, Red Glastic Electrical Standoff Insulators are made from fiberglass-reinforced thermo-set polyester, a bonded material with higher moisture and heat tolerance than plastic insulators. This material also offers greater mechanical strength to enable electrical installers closer height tolerances than with porcelain insulators, making these standoffs more suitable as ground bar insulators and busbar insulators.

Flame retardant and track resistant glass reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound recognized for current carrying devices under UL Material Recognition Number E 80533(N) and UL File E84767. They combine high mechanical strength with high arc resistance and dielectric properties at elevated temperatures and humidity. These shatter resistant insulators meet the most exacting standards for a variety of applications.

Red Glastic Standoff Insulators are also sold with Storm's Ground Bar Kits.


Types and uses of polyester standoff busbar insulators sold by Storm Power

Types of Polyester Standoff Insulators Sold by Storm Power


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