Prototype & First Article Components

Storm's Quality Center Staff Have the Expertise to Put 1st Article or Prototype Components on the Fast Track to Delivery

We get a fair amount of questions about the prototype and first article approval process. Read on to learn how we speed your component through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s a First Article Component?
A. A First Article Component is any part that Storm is fabricating for a customer for the very first time.

Q. Will the First Article approval process delay my next order?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot begin production of the next order until we understand the approval status of the FA order.  There are no delays when this information is received.

Q. Can I send updated or changed prints?
A. Sure. Please email Us.

Q. Do I have to physically send the First Article approval form back or can I just send an e-mail response?
A. Email us your approval.

Q. We’ve made this part a number of times before. Why is Storm asking us to sign the First Article approval form?
A. You’re probably a new customer for us, and, while the component’s production isn’t new to you, it’s likely that this is first time we are making the part for your particular organization. Our First Article is to make certain that we’ve done the job right, the first time. We want you to be delighted with every order, every time. 

Q. Why do you request low quantities for First Time orders?
A. We want to ensure all customer expectations are met prior to quantity production.  Our desire is for customers to be delighted with the product and service Storm Power Components provides.  There may be undocumented requirements that are important to your order, and therefore it’s necessary to ensure these requirements are met.

Q. We can’t find the First Article report. It got lost in transit, or at incoming inspection.  Can you send another copy?
A. Yes, we can email a replacement. Simply email us for a replacement copy.

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