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Storm Copper is now Storm Power Components

Yet one of our core strengths remains stronger then ever. Storm has sold bulk copper bar and sheet copper wholesale for almost two decades. We've carved our niche selling direct to commercial copper buyers, offering a complete range of copper sheet metal and plate, copper barstock, copper rod and electrical bus tubing. Storm understand the ins and outs of selling copper wholesale by maintaing these five principles.

1. Maintain a million pounds copper bar, sheet, rod and tubing inventory for fast delivery.

2. Offer a complete range of sheet and barstock in a full range of thickness, lengths and widths.

3. Include metric copper bar - to offer wholsale copper on a global level.

4. Place knowledgeable copper sales experts in your front line of customer support.

5. Make is quick and easy for our commercial wholsale copper buyers to order.


With access to over a million pounds of bulk copper inventory and sheets of copper in over 12 different thicknesses, the following copper products are at your fingertips!


    Copper Metal Sheet >>

    Copper Sheet in Plate Thickness >>

    Copper Bar (Barstock in US Dimensions) >>

    Copper Bar (Barstock in Metric Dimensions) >>

    Copper Rod (Square) >>

    Copper Rod (Round, Alloy C11000) >>

    Copper Bus Tubing (Electrical Grade) >>


For bulk prices on wholesale copper metal
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