Ground Bars & Kits with Custom Hole Patterns - Now UL Approved!

Custom Ground Bars - UL Approved


Now Storm Power Ground Bars and Kits can be custom drilled to any hole configuration and still maintain UL Certification

This quality achievent opens new doors in Grounding Bar applications. Better yet, Storm Power has the engineers and manufacturing facility to make it happen!

YOU DESIGN - With CAD machining and expert craftsmen, Storm has the facility to make it happen.

WE DESIGN - Storm's engineering and design team can assist at all levels to meet your space and environmental needs.


Testing Ground Bars

• Storm's In-house testing lab ensures all specifications meet UL standards

• Storm's million dollar copper and aluminum inventory means raw ground bar is available at the our fabrication center for fast turnover

• Storm's FAST-TRACK Services puts a critical response team in charge of rush orders to meet rush demands - large or small

• Storm is one of a handful of global manufacturers to put all these fabrication enhancements UNDER ONE ROOF, a major cost and time-saving advantage!


Call our wholesale specialist, Michelle Hurt today @ 1-866-716-9773 - and she'll get you pointed in the right direction - from engineering and design support or straight to the plant.

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UL Approved


Have been investigated by UL in accordance with the Standard(s) indicated on this Certificate.

Certificate Number: 20160923-E326023
Report Reference: E326023-20090126
Issue Date 2016-SEPTEMBER-23

Standard(s) for Safety:
UL 467 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 41-13 - Grounding and Bonding Equipment.