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Legacy of Copper Fabrication

Storm Power Components originated in 1990 as Signaltek, a manufacturer of custom cable assemblies.  As a manufacturer supporting the telecom and battery industries, the company evolved into more complicated bus and assemblies.

Evolution of the brand over time:

1990-1991          Founded as Signaltek

1991-1995          Storm Manufacturing Corporation

1995-2013          Storm Copper Components Co.

2013-Present     Storm Power Components

Today, Storm Power Components manufactures over 6 million bus bars each year to customers all over the world.  The industries we support range from telecom and generators to radar systems and aerospace.

We’ve built a culture of excellence and take great pride in manufacturing only the best and most reliable components.

Capability statement

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In-house Electroplating Lines

  • Tin, Silver, Nickel, Lead
  • Aluminum Bus Bar Plating

In-house Epoxy Powder Coating

  • Fluidized Beds
    • Parts up to 8 ft long
    • Up to 150 mils thick
  • Electrostatic Spray
    • 10 mil to 30 mil


  • Over 250 different sizes of Copper Bar, Alum Bar, Sheet, Coil, Rod
  • Stock and Release area dedicated to over 500k parts/ year
  • Process over 6 million lbs/year
  • Over 6 million bus bars produced annually

Laminated and Multi-layer Bus Bar Department

  • Dedicated Clean Room
  • Hi-Pot Testing
  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Engineering Support for Power Electronic Distribution.

Fabrication Equipment

  • Fiber Laser with 20’ bed
  • Waterjet
  • CNC Mills, Lathes, Screw Machine
  • High Volume Stamping
  • High Volume Punching

SIC Codes:

  • 3312
  • 3679
  • 3331

PSC Codes:

  • 6150
  • AD94
  • 6145



We are proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.