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Heat Shrink / Insulation Sleeving

Storm Power provides durable and reliable protection that helps prevent failures and downtime in a variety of electrical and mechanical applications. Most of our heat shrinkable bus bar tubing covers and insulates rectangular, square or round bus bars, resists splitting and solvents, and provides excellent tracking resistance.

heat shrink tube for bus bar
heat shrink tube for bus bars

Heat Shrink options are available with custom fabrication of copper or aluminum busbars. 

Brand Product Name Voltage Class Thermal Endurance (°C) Standard Color(s)* Flammability
3M FP-301 600V -55 / 135 Black / Clear** UL 224 (All-tubing flame test)
3M RNF-100 600V -55 / 135 *Black / Red UL 224 (All-tubing flame test)
Raychem LVIT 1kV 105 Black ANSI C37.20 / IEEE-27 / IEC 332 / BS 4066
Delfingen NU-Sleeve SG-200 7kV -55 / 200 *Tan UL 1441 VW-1
Raychem BPTM 25kV 125 Red ANSI C37.20 / IEEE-27
Raychem BBIT 35 / 36kV 105 Red ANSI C37.20 / IEEE-27
3M BBI-A 5 / 8 / 15 / 25 / 35kV 110 Red ANSI C37.20 / IEEE-27

*Additional colors available on request

**Clear is not flame retardant or UL Recognized