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Circuit Board Stiffeners

Copper and Brass Printed Circuit Board Stiffeners

Storm Power Components has earned its places as a leading North American producer of printed circuit board stiffeners through experience in all aspects of copper fabrication and by honing in on details in production and craftsmanship that led to shorter lead times and to an unparalleled acceptance rates by circuit board OEMs.

Storm offers numerous production methods of custom board stiffeners for a precise fit. Plus our engineers can meet various environmental factors with these in-house capabilities:

  • Powder Coating
  • Electroplating
  • Busbar Lamination

Curcuit Board with Custom Fabricated Stiffener

Installation of Circuit Board Stiffener

Storm's custom fabricated printed circuit board stiffeners: As the demand for power increases in PCBs, the copper weight in the board is often increased in some layers to accommodate the current demand of components.

This copper layer thickness is increased over the entire board dimensions even though only a few traces may be needed to transport current to the intended components.

The added copper weight within these layers drastically decreases the ability of the laminated dielectric within the PCB to fully support the copper and all of the components within the circuit.

Engineering Center QUICK NOTES:

  • Tin-plated circuit board stiffeners are generally used along with powder coated buss for sealed battery applications.
  • Lead plated battery connectors or a tin/lead alloy are most often used in flooded battery connector applications.
  • Laminated bus bar can be used to stiffen circuit boards with multiple or layered current capacity.
  • Powder-coated bus bars stiffen circuit boards to protect from current hazards and environmental factors
  • Storm's custom bus bar allows maximum delivery of current or ground across a printed circuit board
  • In turn, this powers critical destinations without increasing the copper weight of the board.
  • And allows for current to be efficiently distributed to only the components that need it.
  • Storm's custom bus bar significantly stiffens PCBs helping the laminated dielectric to support its components.
  • Our circuit board stiffeners reduce the effects of shock and vibration to the board, its components, and the solder joints between them.