Environmental Responsibility

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Storm Power Components believes that a proactive approach toward environmental responsibility, conserving and enhancing natural resources is consistent with our core values and fundamental to achieving our mission. We believe that an appropriate balance can and should be achieved between environmental goals and economic health. As leaders in copper electrical components manufacturing, we strive to act as responsible stewards of the environment and are committed to continuous improvement.

From our employees and processes to the suppliers we choose to partner with, we work toward:

  • Continuously preventing waste and pollution and adopting practices that minimize the effects of our operations to our customers, employees, and community;
  • Fostering productive partnerships among our suppliers, customers, employees, and community that will enhance the environmental health, and safety-management of our business;
  • Promoting resource sustainability by seeking ways to reduce materials and energy needs and increase the reuse and recycling of materials;
  • Including environmental criteria in our vendor selection process;
  • Communicating and promoting the use of environmental best practices throughout the company, supply chain, and customer base;
  • Complying  with applicable regulatory laws and other requirements; and
  • Playing an active role in the environmental well-being of our community.
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