Key Techniques to Integrate and Optimize EMI Shielding and Filtering into Busbars

August 7, 2023 6:59 pm Published by

Integrating shielding and filtering into busbars is an important aspect of electrical system design, particularly in applications where electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrical noise need to be minimized. EMI is radiated or conducted energy that adversely affects circuit performance, and thus disrupts a device’s electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

This new Applications Note provides an overview of why shielding and filtering are important, along with a comprehensive exploration of the design methods and technologies that are key to success.

The key design techniques for integrating EMI management into busbars include:

  • Wrapping w/Copper Stamping or Conductive PSA Foil
  • Potting w/Conductive Epoxy
  • Die Cutting Conductive Fabric
  • Machining Barriers and Conductive Gaskets
  • Laminating W/Interleaved Grounds

The App Note also addresses how an end-to-end, comprehensive design approach can achieve the best balance of EMI mitigation and cost containment.  Key issues that must be considered include:

  • Grounding and bonding
  • Physical layout
  • Component placement
  • Material selection

It is important to note that the specific techniques and approaches for integrating shielding and filtering into busbars can vary depending on the application, system requirements, and regulatory standards.

Read the full Applications Note here.

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