Tin-Plated Flexible Braided Jumpers

Part # SC-B2F36N


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Tin-Plated Flexible Braided Jumpers

Part # SC-B2F36N

Tin plated flexible braid connector with layered copper braid and two punched holes on each connecting tin plated pad.


The BF series is an intermediate between the BD and BE series. The BF flexbraid offers lower ampacity and dynamic movement isolation that the BE variation, but with similar dimensions and high specifications in respect to the BD models.

Size: 36"

Weight: 4.18lb

Length: 36"

Width: 1.38"

Height: 0.38"

Diameter: 0.56

Thickness: 0.38

Spacing: 1.75

Edge: 0.62

Material: Copper

Amps: 0600 Amps

Plating: Tin

UL Certification: E326023

Number of Layers: 2

Hole Diameter: 1/2"