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Specialized Capabilities - Flexbraid


OEMs often need to connect two independent, high-voltage systems where vibration is present. The solution can be as simple as installing a flexible expansion joint to connect bus bars. Storm Power excels in manufacturing flexible braided connectors.

flexbraids expertly manufactured by hand at Storm

Flexible braided connectors manufactured at Storm Power are hand assembled by expert machinists.

Storm Power's Manufactured Flexible Connectors Include:

  • Flexible Tinned Copper Braided Jumpers
  • Fusion Lugs
  • Flexible Electrical Shunts
  • Flexible Tin-Plated Copper Straps
  • Flex Connectors
  • Braided Connectors
  • Braided Copper Straps

Braided electrical connectors solve high- and low-voltage connectivity problems created by vibration in:

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Military Vehicles
  • Construction Equipment
  • Stationary Motors from Generators and Transformers
  • Mobile Power Plants
  • Power Plants Located in Earthquake Zones

Count on these tough products to provide peak efficiency, withstand extreme high voltage, and often have a long service life.

Take the next step to prevent facility downtime, minimize maintenance costs, and stop energy loss created by loose electrical connections.


Ingenuity to Minimize Energy Loss

Inside our AS9100D certified facility, we manufacture standard and custom-size flexible braided copper connectors with the precision necessary for both complex and routine uses.

Using the swaging capability inside our fabrication center, Storm machinists use high-pressure tonnage to cold press copper ferrules onto the ends of copper braids.  OEMs and contractors in the mining, switchgear, nuclear energy, and power distribution vertical markets rely on our flexible braided copper connectors because we consistently custom manufacture precisely to their specifications, environmental conditions, and product performance needs.

What specifications does your flexible braided connector require?

  • What is the current carrying capacity required?
  • What size of landing pads will be needed on each end?
  • Do you need round or flat braid material? Do you have a preference?
  • Unplated or tin-plated copper braid material?
  • How many braids will you need in the ferrule?
  • Does your application require the ferrule itself to be electroplated?
  • Do you know the hole size and pattern needed to bolt the braid in your application?
  • What circular mils of braids do you think you need?
  • Does the flexible braided connector need UL© certification?

If you don’t know these answers, aren’t sure, or would simply just like a second pair of eyes to look at your design, we can help. Our talented team of engineers has answers to assist you. We’re sure we can manufacture just the right component to improve the performance of electrical grounding and electrical transmission systems.  We’re also familiar with the UL certification process if you need help there, too.

Specialization Is Our Specialty

Sure, we can recommend a flexible connector to minimize the need for complicated bends in hard bus. We cut our teeth as an electrical components manufacturer by tackling power connection problems that were real head-scratchers. As a result, over the years a wide variety of power connection challenges have come across our desks. Whenever an OEM puts their trust in us, our depth and breadth of experience grows. Now, you can put our years of specialized focus in manufacturing flexible connectors to work for you.

We know the ins and outs of copper flexbraid:

  • Where tweaks to design can improve connections, even if they are on different planes, while minimizing the need for additional bent parts
  • Precisely how to source and stock more than 25 different sizes of material to make ferrules
  • Why sophisticated CNC punching and milling machines create a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing flexible copper connector
  • What it takes to expertly manufacturer custom ferrules and crimp tooling
  • Which plating method best fits your application

By teaming up with a specialist, you tap into a knowledge base that has been honed for decades. The partnership can drive out waste and introduce innovation, transformation, and efficiency into every flexible connector your product needs. That’s the value of Responsive Manufacturing.

So, when you have a power connection conundrum, call the flexible connector specialists.

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