Commitment to Quality

Find out what we mean

Storm maintains total control over its copper part manufacturing process from beginning to end. This ensures our ability to respond quickly to our customers’ product specifications and delivery needs with nothing less than superior quality. And, when we give you our word, you can bet on it. That’s why, for more than twenty years, we have earned the repeated trust of respected brands worldwide to deliver the right part—right when they need it. Every Order. Every Time.

World-Class Quality You Can Count On

Team Storm is fixated on meeting customer requirements by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions and focusing on continual improvement of all our products, processes, and services. When it comes to precision tolerances, rigorous quality standards, and PPAPs, we know the drill.

Every order is important regardless of size, and must pass a 4-tier layered Quality Gate system:

  1. First-piece product validation
  2. Setup and dimensional validation
  3. Additional off line in-process validation
  4. Final inspections prior to packaging

The Quality Center’s product validation capabilities include GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing) analysis with metrology equipment such as the Faro Arm CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), providing single-point repeatability of +/- 0.0012”.  For smaller, intricately shaped parts, our Metrology lab includes a 2D Image Dimension Measuring System, which can measure to +/- 0.2 Mil precision. To provide Certificate of Compliance Certifications for plating processes, X-Ray and plating thickness testers are used.

Precise Prototypes & First Article Components

Inside the Quality Center we process hundreds of First Article inspections each month, with over 40% requiring First Article PPAP Packages. Upon request, we’re happy to provide a First Article PPAP Package that includes:

  1. Layouts - A full-dimensional part layout with a ballooned drawing and a dimensional inspection report per the drawing
  2. Material certifications – Any required material certification from the supplier of said material (i.e., copper material certs from the mill)
  3. Compliance documentation – A signed certificate of compliance for additional operations, such as plating

Dedication to Quality Assurance involves a commitment to those technologies which can assist in delivering it. That’s just one reason why we invest in technologies like Faro Arm Platinum, to provide copper parts that meet our customers’ exacting specifications. All of our testing equipment employs the latest standard for OEM copper parts fabrication. Rigorous quality inspection and testing processes throughout the bus bar production process ensure all specifications are met.

Customer Advocacy

Being responsive makes us uncommon in the manufacturing marketplace. We collaborate with our customers, and make their problems our problems. We take personal ownership of their needs, and that makes the difference.

The Quality Technicians of Team Storm are your eyes and ears on the manufacturing floor. They provide unlimited support during each shift and serve as the internal “voice of the customer”

  • When they are not auditing a process or providing a first piece approval, they are helping train new operators on dimensional measurement techniques, as well as serving as a technical resource to answer any print-related questions.
  • They maintain an active “customer's needs” database to reference each time an order is received. Our auditors, quality technicians, and many of the manufacturing personnel have these requirements memorized by customer.
  • When you need something special, they make sure it gets done. We cater to thousands of customers worldwide, many of which have special requirements that are not fully documented. Special orders don’t upset us. We’re here to help.