In-House Custom Die Fabrication


Your product will make it to market faster using our lineup of die in-house fabrication services. From die design for new product development through design-build and all the way to high-speed in-house production, Team Storm can help. Which metal type does your die require? Copper, brass, aluminum, or steel? Inside the die fabrication work center, Storm electrical engineers and technicians specialize in completing complex custom die design and fabrication for a wide variety of applications using an array of metal materials.

Die Types

  • Blanking Dies
  • Progression Dies
  • Forming Dies
  • Multi-Station Dies
  • Bending & Forming Dies
  • Crimp Dies


  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum

Custom die fabrication under our roof has its benefits.

  • Rapid lead times; by fulfilling custom die fabrication on-premise you’ll shorten the total component production time
  • Intellectual property protection; drawings, molds, and specifications will be held centrally reducing exposure of confidential information
  • Quality assurance and testing; when you have access to in-house die fabrication and a quality center within walking distance to where your components are fabricated, troubleshooting, die trials, and testing can quickly be performed resulting in production efficiencies

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Cost-Effective Fixtures & Tooling

Flex-Tooling equipment speeds up the production of OEM custom copper connectors and eliminates the need for expensive hard die tooling costs. Hard dies for copper fabrication can be quite costly. In order to justify that cost, it must be tied to a very large order to amortize the cost to a reasonable per-unit price.

Using Storm’s electrical component Fabrication services, you’ll create synergies.  Tools are designed and built in-house with materials made in the US. With our equipment, we create a top and bottom template and then install the required punches and notching components, which function exactly like a hard die. And, when the project is completed, we uninstall the reusable components and put the templates into our collection of several hundred already on hand.

Benefits of flex-tooling:

  • Reduced setup costs from weeks to days
  • Faster production time


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