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Product Guide PDFs Plus Specification & Links to Busbar Calculator / Ampacity Charts


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FREE PDF - Busbar Design Guide

Busbar Design & Fabrication

Download this product guide >>

Ampacity Calculators for Copper & Aluminum Busbars

Ampacities of Copper Alloy C11000 Busbars >>

Quick Copper Busbar Design Selector >>

Effects of Emissivity and Number of Copper Busses on Ampacity >>

Ampacity Comparison Chart - Copper / Aluminum


FREE PDF - Bus Bar Insulation Options

Bus Bar Insulation Options

Download Product Guide Series >>

FREE PDF - Laminated Bus Bar Product Guide

Laminated Bus Grounding

Download Laminated Busbar PDF >>

FREE PDF - Epoxy Powder Coated Busbar

Dielectric Insulated Busbar

Epoxy Powder Coated Busbar PDF >>

FREE PDF - Polyester Standoff Insulators

Polyester Busbar Insulators

Download Standoff Insulators PDF >>

FREE PDF - MaxiFlex Flexible Insulated Bus Bar Product Guide

Flexible Insulated Bus Bar

Download MaxiFlex PDF >>


FREE PDF - Flex-Braid Copper Electrical Connectors

Flexible Electrical Connectors

Download this product guide >>

Specification Tables for Flexible Electrical Connectors

Flat, Tin-Plated, Flexible Copper Braid Specifications Table >>

Flexible Copper Braid Specifications Chart >>

Flexible Electrical Connectors





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Top-Selling Ground Bars >>

Other Ground Bar Kits >>

Ground Bars >>

Ground Bar Accessories >>

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Braided Copper Connectors >>

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