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Welcome to Storm Power’s Busbar Design Resources. Listed below are Busbar design specifications on Insulation, Epoxy Powder Coating, Multilayer Laminated Conductors, Copper and Aluminum Ampacity tables, Copper vs Aluminum Performance Comparison, Value Engineering Busbar Design, Flexible Bus Conductors to name just a few of the subjects covered. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-394-4804, if you need assistance with an engineering question not covered in the pdf documents below.


1. Busbar Design and Fabrication

FREE PDF - Busbar Design Guide

Busbar Design & Fabrication

Product Guide PDF >>

FREE PDF - Bus Bar Insulation Options

Busbar Insulation Options

Product Guide PDF >>

FREE PDF - Laminated Bus Bar Product Guide

Multilayer Laminated Busbar

Product Guide PDF >>

FREE PDF - Epoxy Powder Coated Busbar

Busbar Powder Coating Design Tips

 Product Guide PDF >>



2. Busbar Whitepapers


Copper and Aluminum Sourcing

Copper and Aluminum Sourcing

Whitepaper PDF >>

Busbar Insulation - Epoxy Powder Coating Whitepaper

Epoxy Powder Coating

Whitepaper PDF >>

Multilayer Laminated Busbar Whitepaper

Multilayer Laminated Busbar

Whitepaper PDF >>

Value Engineering Whitepaper

Busbar Value Engineering

Whitepaper PDF >>


3. Busbar Ampacity Tables



Busbar Design Ampacity Chart Link

Quick Busbar Design Selector

 Ampacity Chart >>

Copper Alloy C11000 Busbar Ampacity Chart

Copper Alloy C11000 Busbar

Amacity Chart >>

Emmissivity of Copper Busbar Apacity Chart

Busbar Emissivity

Ampacity Chart >>

Aluminum to Copper Comparison Chart Link

Comparing Copper to Aluminum

Ampacity Chart >>


4. Electronic Components Product Guides


FREE PDF - Polyester Standoff Insulators

Polyester Standoff Insulators

 Product Guide PDF >>

Eriflex - FREE PDF - Flexible Insulated Bus Bar

Flexible Insulated Bus Bar

Product Guide PDF >>

Flexible Copper Shunts

Laminated Copper Shunts

Product Guide PDF >>








5. Flexbraid Connectors


FREE PDF - Flex-Braid Copper Electrical Connectors

Flexible Electrical Connectors

Flexbraid PDF >>



Copper Flexbraid Specifications Chart


Copper Flexbraid

Specifications Chart >>

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