Ground Bars and Grounding Bus Bar Kits

Storm Ground Bars are UL® Listed

Storm Ground Bars Features & Benefits


Storm Power Components is no stranger to grounding busbar.  Storm offers a huge selection of grounding busbar, with over 90 different variations of UL Listed ground bar kits of different bar sizes, hole sizes, and lug configurations.  See below for Storm’s capabilities and advantages.

In Stock:

Storm maintains an extensive inventory of ground bars available for immediate shipment. A single ground bar can be ordered or a kit which includes ground bar, standoff insulators, mounting brackets and assembly hardware.

Fully Custom:

In addition to the many standard kits, Storm can fully customize an order to serve any application, whether it be custom hole patterns for a unique lug shape, an irregular bar size, plating, etc. Moreover, Storm specializes in full room Perimeter Grounding Systems.

Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets:

Although regular steel is the norm, Storm uses stainless steel mounting brackets, which significantly increases the part’s useful life.  The use of stainless steel also protects the brackets from corrosion.

Buying From Manufacturer Means Lower Cost:

Storm sells their grounding kits directly to the end user, without involving a distributor.  This leads to significantly lower costs, since there’s no distributor’s margin to worry about.  Furthermore, Storm’s capability to customize bar sizes lets the customer avoid ordering a larger bar than necessary - copper is expensive, no need to buy more than exactly needed.

Clear Polycarbonate Covers:

For certain environments, it is required that the the ground bar be covered with insulating material, for safety reasons.  Storm is able to supply Lexan Clear Plastic Covers to fulfill this need.

Custom Marking Of Ground Bars:

Custom stamping can help brand the ground bar, organize the installation process or help prevent theft with a “Property Of …” stamping.  For those HAM radio enthusiasts, Storm can even stamp their unique call sign onto the part.

Tin Plating For Corrosion Protection:

If the part will be in an operating environment that is more corrosive, tin plating is often a good option.  Sometimes, customers elect to tin plate a part to help avoid theft issues.  Tin plated copper will not catch the eye of any potential thieves, and plated copper is less valuable at the scrap yard.


Storm Power stocks dozens of grounding bus bar patterns at its online copper connectors store. Over 90 different ground bar kits feature numerous ground bar sizes with drilled and tapped holes, and cable lug configurations to fit electrical specs from cabinets to vast solar and wind farms. Storm also offers grounding bar kits that come with an amperage-matched set of standoff insulators and heavy steel brackets for rack and wall mounts.

All stocked ground bars and kits usually ship within 24 hours.

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If you don't see the size or pattern you need, don't hestitate to call. After all, Storm Power is also a top custom fabricator of ground bus bar in copper and aluminum.


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Copper Ground Bar Manufactured By Storm Power Components
Tin Plated Copper Ground Bar Manufactured By Storm Power Components Copper Ground Bar Kit Manufactured By Storm Power Components Tin Plated Copper Ground Bar Kit Manufactured By Storm Power Components  

Ground Bar Profile

Ground Bar
Ground Bar
Tin Plated
Ground Bar Kit
Ground Bar Kit
Tin Plated
2" x 10" 16-Hole Copper Ground Bar
Tin Plated
Ground Bar Kit >>
SCGB2 Copper Ground Bar
2" x 24" 36-Hole Copper Ground Bar
Tin Plated
Ground Bar Kit >>
SCGB3 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 10" 16-Hole/6-Tap Ground Bar
SCGB4 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 10" 16-Hole Offset/6-Tap Ground Bar
SCGB5 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 12" 18-Hole/3 Rows of 6 Ground Bar
SCGB6 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 12" 24-Hole/12-Tap Ground Bar
SCGB7 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 16" 24-Hole/3 Rows of 8 Ground Bar
SCGB8 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 16" 16-Hole/16-Tap Ground Bar
SCGB9 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 20" 68-Hole/4 Rows of 17 Ground Bar
SCGB10 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 20" 36-Hole/4 Rows of 9 Ground Bar
SCGB11 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 20" 27-Hole/3 Rows of 9 Ground Bar
SCGB12 Copper Ground Bar
4" x 24" 36-Hole/3 Rows of 12 Ground Bar