Storm’s Proprietary Silver Plating (Flashing) Solution

Storm maintains an in-house plating and finishing subject matter expert (SME). Our electroplating professionals have been working to advance the field of plating and finishing for over 20 years, mainly in aerospace and defense. With level III non-destructive testing (NDT) certified personnel, we can ensure that every plating line at Storm maintains its ASTM compliance, especially regarding the relatively new ASTM-B700 silver plating standard.

Plus Storm now offers a safer option to traditional Silver Plating

Cyanide-Free Silver Plating or Flashing

Replacing the traditional cyanide electrolyte was one of the key objectives of this product development.

Additionally, this new product should deliver:
• Excellent solderability
• Good adhesion over Copper and Nickel (with strike plate)
• Low contact resistance
• Bright to Semi-Bright, white appearance
• Wide operating window
• High efficiency



Characteristics of Storm's Proprietary Cyanide-Free Silver Plating



Yes, Storm's process does tarnish slightly more than with cyanide added plating. But this is a small price for environmental safety.

As in the case with other metals such as copper, aluminum, brass and magnesium, tarnishing is inevitable result of chemical reaction on the outer most surfaces of the metal plating. All though the process is slowed
down by incorporating cyanide into the silver plating process it eventually will occur as evidenced in the photos below (for both plating types).


Storm Propriety Silver Tarnish Comparison - Cyanide-Free Parts on Left Side

As you can see in the left-hand photograph, the Storm Power parts do in fact have more tarnishing present. However, it is also evident that the silver cyanide parts also have tarnishing in the form of the dark speckles and an overall darkening of the parts.

In addition to the environmental and safety advantages, replacing the traditional cyanide electrolyte with the proprietary compound used in Storm’s silver plating process results in direct performance advantages.  For instance, the results of our cyanide-free silver plating exhibit a higher micro hardness and a lower wear rate than traditional cyanide-inclusive silver plating.  Our cyanide-free silver plating maintains excellent solderability, low contact resistance, and good adhesion over both copper and nickel strikes, which is paramount since the new ASTM B700 certification now mandates a nickel strike prior to the silver application.


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